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Contrapuntal Rubyist

Rilo Husky
Just wanna sling code and wag my curly tail, is that too much to ask?

Twenty-eight year old [ :rubyist, :hacker, :furry ]. I pretty much keep to myself. My blog is mostly about open source software development, out-dated UNIX hardware and nifty Ruby tricks, with the occasional reference to Baroque music or particle physics.

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/dev/crypto, agile, agoraphobia, algorithms, amateur physics experiments, anonymity, anti-censorship, apatheism, artificial intelligence, astrophotography, atomic tourism, bach, baroque music, bayesian inference, bdd, beer, blue leds, bots, building things, bwv \d+, cello suites, civil disobedience, classical music, clean code, coding, computer networking, computer science, computer security, continuous integration, cortexiphan, crypto hardware, cryptography, cucumber, cuda, cyberpunk, cyclotrons, datacenters, defcon, democracy, dynamic languages, eccentricity, eff, efficiency, electronic frontier foundation, electronics, empty places, fpga, freebsd, freedom of expression, fugues, functional programming, furries, fursuits, fusors, git, groovy, hacker spaces, hackers, higgs boson, ice, information radiators, intelligence, internets, intj, irix, j.s. bach, java, johann ludwig krebs, johann sebastian bach, lake superior, large hadron collider, led lighting, linguistics, mac os x, machine vision, mainframes, markov chains, mathematics, metacognition, mstislav rostropovich, natural languages, nerds, neutrons, nightime, nootropics, open source, openbsd, opensolaris, openssh, pair programming, particle accelerators, particle physics, perl, pgp, photons, pipe organs, plasma, playing the cello poorly, postgres, programming, protons, pseudonymity, puzzles, python, quantum chromodynamics, quantum electrodynamics, quantum entanglement, quantum mechanics, rails, regexp, risc, rostropovich, rsa, rspec, ruby, ruby on rails, science, security, semantic web, sgi, shostakovich, silicon graphics, snow, software as a service, software craftsmanship, software development, software testing, solaris, ssh, sun blade, sun fire, sun microsystems, supercomputing, superconducting super collider, supersymmetry, tails, tdd, telecommuting, test automation, test driven design, test driven development, the internet, thimbleberry jam, trust your technolust, ultrasparc, unit testing, unix, wikis, zfs, zft